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key concepts

Real-Time Embedded Framework

Key Concept: A Real-Time Embedded Framework (RTEF) is an implementation of the Active Object design pattern specifically designed for real-time embedded systems. RTEF provides the

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key concepts

Sequential Programming

Key Concept: A sequential program explicitly waits in-line, for the expected events in various places in the execution path. This explicit waiting for events is

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Event Loop

RTOS Without Blocking?

In my previous post, “RTOS Considered Harmful”, I have identified blocking as the main cause of the particular brittleness and inflexibility of the programs based

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RTOS harmful

RTOS Considered Harmful

I have to confess that I’ve been experiencing a severe writer’s block lately. It’s not that I’m short of subjects to talk about, but I’m

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RTOS Alternatives

As hundreds of commercial and other RTOS offerings can attest, the greatest demand for third-party software in the embedded systems community is for the RTOS.

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