QTools 6.9.0
qview.py File Reference

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class  QView
class  QSpy
 Helper class for UDP-communication with the QSpy front-end (non-blocking UDP-socket version for QView) More...




def reset_target (*args)
 Send the RESET packet to the Target. More...
def command (cmdId, param1=0, param2=0, param3=0)
 executes a given command in the Target More...
def tick (tick_rate=0)
 trigger system clock tick in the Target More...
def peek (offset, size, num)
 peeks data in the Target More...
def poke (offset, size, data)
 pokes data into the Target More...
def glb_filter (*args)
 Set/clear the Global-Filter in the Target. More...
def loc_filter (obj_kind, obj_id)
 Set the Local Filter in the Target. More...
def current_obj (obj_kind, obj_id)
 Set the Current-Object in the Target. More...
def query_curr (obj_kind)
 query the current object in the Target More...
def publish (signal, params=None)
 publish a given event to subscribers in the Target More...
def post (signal, params=None)
 post a given event to the current AO object in the Target More...
def init (signal=0, params=None)
 take the top-most initial transition in the current SM object in the Target More...
def dispatch (signal, params=None)
 dispatch a given event in the current SM object in the Target More...
def qunpack (fmt, bstr)
 Unpack a QS trace record. More...


int OBJ_SM = 0
int OBJ_AO = 1
int OBJ_MP = 2
int OBJ_EQ = 3
int OBJ_TE = 4
int OBJ_AP = 5
int GRP_ON = 0xF0
int GRP_SM = 0xF1
int GRP_AO = 0xF2
int GRP_MP = 0xF3
int GRP_EQ = 0xF4
int GRP_TE = 0xF5
int GRP_QF = 0xF6
int GRP_SC = 0xF7
int GRP_U0 = 0xF8
int GRP_U1 = 0xF9
int GRP_U2 = 0xFA
int GRP_U3 = 0xFB
int GRP_U4 = 0xFC
int GRP_UA = 0xFD
 HOME_DIR = None