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QUTest™ Tutorial

QUTest ConceptsBasic Unity Example

This Tutorial describes how to use the QUTest™ unit test harness in a series of progressively advancing examples. The first examples pertain to generic C code completely unrelated to the QP frameworks. These examples are adaptations of tests shipping with the Unity test framework. Later examples in this Tutorial show how to test hierarchical state machines and active objects. It is highly recommended to study the simpler examples before the more advanced ones, as the basic information won't be repeated in the later tests.

As mentioned in the Section "How does it work?", testing with QUTest™ always involves two components: (1) a test fixture code written in C (or C++) that runs on the target and (2) one or more test scripts that are written in Python and run on the host. This Tutorial starts each example with the description of how to run the tests and then explains the test fixture and the test scripts comprising the test.

This Tutorial should run on any host computer (Windows, Linux, or MacOS), where both QTools™ and QP/C framework have been installed and also the QTOOLS environment variable has been defined. Please refer to the QTools Installation section for more information about downloading and installing QTools™.

This Tutorial consists of the following lessons:

QUTest ConceptsBasic Unity Example