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QS Class Reference

Software tracing, output (QS-TX) More...

#include <qpc_qs.h>

Public Types

enum  QSpyPre
enum  QSpyGroups
enum  QSpyUserOffsets
enum  QSpyIdOffsets
enum  QSpyIdGroups

Static Private Member Functions

typedef void(* QSpyFunPtr) (void)

Detailed Description

This class groups together QS services.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ QSpyFunPtr

typedef void(* QSpyFunPtr) (void)

function pointer type for QS_fun_dict_pre_()

Definition at line 341 of file qpc_qs.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ QSpyPre

enum QSpyPre

QS pre-defined record types (TX channel)

This enumeration specifies the record types used in the QP components. You can specify your own record types starting from QS_USER offset. Currently, the maximum of all records cannot exceed 125.

The QS records labeled as "not maskable" are always enabled and cannot be turend off with the QS_GLB_FILTER() macro. Other QS trace records can be disabled by means of the "global filters"
See also

Definition at line 156 of file qpc_qs.h.

◆ QSpyGroups

enum QSpyGroups

QS record groups for QS_GLB_FILTER()

Definition at line 282 of file qpc_qs.h.

◆ QSpyUserOffsets

QS user record group offsets for QS_GLB_FILTER()

Definition at line 305 of file qpc_qs.h.

◆ QSpyIdOffsets

QS ID offsets for QS_LOC_FILTER()

Definition at line 318 of file qpc_qs.h.

◆ QSpyIdGroups

QS ID groups for QS_LOC_FILTER()

Definition at line 329 of file qpc_qs.h.

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