QP-nano  6.9.0
Real-Time Embedded Framework
qvn.h File Reference

Public QV-nano interface. More...

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void QV_onIdle (void)


uint_fast8_t volatile QV_readySet_

Function Documentation

◆ QV_onIdle()

void QV_onIdle ( void  )

QV idle callback (customized in BSPs for QK)

QV_onIdle() is called continuously by the QV-nano scheduler. This callback gives the application an opportunity to enter a power-saving CPU mode, or perform some other idle processing.

QV_onIdle() is invoked with interrupts disabled, but must return with interrupts enabled. This is in contrast to the callback QK_onIdle(), which is used by the preemptive QK-nano scheduler.

Variable Documentation

◆ QV_readySet_

uint_fast8_t volatile QV_readySet_

Ready set of QV-nano.