QP-nano  6.9.0
Real-Time Embedded Framework
qpn.h File Reference

QP-nano public interface including backwards-compatibility layer. More...

#include "qpn_conf.h"
#include "qfn_port.h"
#include "qassert.h"

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#define QP_API_VERSION   0
#define QMActive_ctor   QActive_ctor
#define QMsm_ctor   QHsm_ctor


typedef QActiveCB QMActiveCB
typedef QActive QMActive
typedef QHsm QMsm

Macro Definition Documentation


#define QP_API_VERSION   0
This header file must be included directly or indirectly in all application modules (*.c files) that use QP-nano.

Macro that specifies the backwards compatibility with the QP-nano API version.

For example, QP_API_VERSION=450 will cause generating the compatibility layer with QP-nano version 4.5.0 and newer, but not older than 4.5.0. QP_API_VERSION=0 causes generation of the compatibility layer "from the begining of time", which is the maximum backwards compatibilty. This is the default.

Conversely, QP_API_VERSION=9999 means that no compatibility layer should be generated. This setting is useful for checking if an application complies with the latest QP-nano API.

Definition at line 76 of file qpn.h.

◆ QMActive_ctor

#define QMActive_ctor   QActive_ctor
QMActive constructor; instead use: QActive_ctor()

Definition at line 93 of file qpn.h.

◆ QMsm_ctor

#define QMsm_ctor   QHsm_ctor
QMsm state machine constructor; instead use: QHsm_ctor()

Definition at line 96 of file qpn.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ QMActiveCB

QMActive Control Block; instead use: QActiveCB.

Definition at line 84 of file qpn.h.

◆ QMActive

typedef QActive QMActive
QMActive; instead use: QActive.

Definition at line 87 of file qpn.h.

◆ QMsm

typedef QHsm QMsm
QMsm state machine; instead use: QHsm.

Definition at line 90 of file qpn.h.