QP-nano  6.9.0
Real-Time Embedded Framework
qepn.c File Reference

QEP-nano implementation. More...

#include "qpn_conf.h"
#include "qfn_port.h"
#include "qassert.h"

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#define QEP_EMPTY_SIG_   ((QSignal)0)
#define QHSM_MAX_NEST_DEPTH_   ((int_fast8_t)5)


static int_fast8_t QHsm_tran_ (QHsm *const me, QStateHandler path[QHSM_MAX_NEST_DEPTH_])


char_t const Q_ROM QP_versionStr [7] = QP_VERSION_STR

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#define QEP_EMPTY_SIG_   ((QSignal)0)

empty signal for internal use only

Definition at line 52 of file qepn.c.


#define QHSM_MAX_NEST_DEPTH_   ((int_fast8_t)5)

maximum depth of state nesting in HSMs (including the top level), must be >= 2

Definition at line 57 of file qepn.c.

Function Documentation

◆ QHsm_tran_()

static int_fast8_t QHsm_tran_ ( QHsm *const  me,
QStateHandler  path[QHSM_MAX_NEST_DEPTH_] 

helper function to execute a transition chain in HSM

Variable Documentation

◆ QP_versionStr

char_t const Q_ROM QP_versionStr[7] = QP_VERSION_STR

the current QP version number string in ROM, based on QP_VERSION_STR

Definition at line 47 of file qepn.c.