QP-nano  6.9.0
Real-Time Embedded Framework
macros.h File Reference

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#define Q_NASSERT
#define Q_TIMERSET
#define WIN32_GUI

Detailed Description

macros for porting QP-nano, and command-line macros

Definition in file macros.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define Q_NASSERT

The preprocessor switch to disable checking assertions

When defined, Q_NASSERT disables the following macros Q_ASSERT, Q_REQUIRE, Q_ENSURE, Q_INVARIANT, Q_ERROR as well as Q_ASSERT_ID, Q_REQUIRE_ID, Q_ENSURE_ID, Q_INVARIANT_ID, and Q_ERROR_ID do NOT evaluate the test condition passed as the argument to these macros.
One notable exception is the macro Q_ALLEGE, that still evaluates the test condition, but does not report assertion failures when the switch Q_NASSERT is defined.

Definition at line 20 of file macros.h.


#define Q_TIMERSET
macro to enable keeping track of QF time event usage; instead use: QF_TIMEEVT_USAGE

Definition at line 24 of file macros.h.



This macro enables calling the QK-nano context-switch callback QK_onContextSw()

Definition at line 28 of file macros.h.


#define WIN32_GUI

Macro that should be defined (typically on the compiler's command line) in the Win32-GUI applications that use the Win32-QV port.

Definition at line 33 of file macros.h.