QP-nano  6.5.0
Getting Started

Using the QP™ Help

You can use this QP™ Help in various ways: either sequentially from beginning to end or just by quickly locating the interesting topic.

QP Documentation View Features

Reading QP™ Help Sequentially

You can move from topic to topic by means of the Next: link at the bottom of each page.

Quickly Locating a Topic of Interest

You can use the following elements:

  • the Tree View pane on the left-hand side of the browser;
  • the Table of Contents box in the top-right corner of the page;
  • the Search box in the upper-right corner of the browser window

Using the Tree View

The Tree View pane on the left-hand side of the browser displays the hierarchical Table of Contents, which can be either linked-to or unlinked-from the Current Topic displayed on the right-hand side. You can toggle between the two modes by pressing the Link/Unlink Current Topic icon at the top of the Tree View pane.

When the Tree View is linked to the Current Topic, the Tree View will always follow the currently viewed topic, by expanding and highlighting the pertinent section of the hierarchical Table of Contents.

When the Tree View is unlinked from the Current Topic, the Tree View will show only the explicitly selected section of the hierarchical Table of Contents and will not follow the topics activated by internal documentation links.

Getting Started with QP-nano App Note

The Quantum Leaps Application Note Getting Started with QP-nano provides step-by-step instructions on how to get started with QP-nano quickly.

Application Note: Getting Started with QP-nano

Directories and Files

The following annotated directory tree lists the top-level directories provided in the standard QP-nano distribution.

The standard QP-nano distribution contains many Example Projects, which are specifically designed to help you learn to use QP-nano and to serve you as starting points for your own projects.

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