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Real-Time Embedded Framework
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"Fly 'n' Shoot" Game

Dining Philosophers Problem (DPP)Low-Power Example

The "Fly 'n' shoot" game example is a moderately advanced application of a vintage computer game. It requires a LCD screen and push-buttons on the board.

EFM32 Pearl-Geckob

"Fly 'n' shoot" game and illustrates the following QP™ features, such as:

  • multiple active objects;
  • multiple passive state machines ("Orthogonal Components");
  • multiple periodic time events;
  • mutable events with parameters;
  • direct event posting to active objects;
  • publish-subscribe event delivery;
  • developing of embedded software on Windows (see also QWin™ GUI Prototyping Toolkit )
Fly 'n' Shoot game running on Windows

The "Fly 'n' Shoot" game example is described in the Application Note: Fly 'n' Shoot Game Example .

Application Note: Fly 'n' Shoot Game Example
Fly'n'Shoot game tutorial video

Dining Philosophers Problem (DPP)Low-Power Example