QP/C++  6.5.1

Hierarchical Event Processor. More...

Collaboration diagram for QEP:


file  qep.h
 QEP/C++ platform-independent public interface.
file  qpcpp.h
 QP/C++ public interface including backwards-compatibility layer.
file  qep_hsm.cpp
 QP::QHsm implementation.
file  qep_msm.cpp
 QP::QMsm implementation.


 namespace associated with the QP/C++ framework

Detailed Description

Hierarchical Event Processor.

QEP is a universal, UML-compliant event processor that enables developers to code UML state machines in highly readable ANSI-C, in which every state machine element is mapped to code precisely, unambiguously, and exactly once (traceability). QEP fully supports hierarchical state nesting, which is the fundamental mechanism for reusing behavior across many states instead of repeating the same actions and transitions over and over again.