QP/C++  7.1.3
Real-Time Embedded Framework
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  includePlatform-independent QP™/C++ API
 qassert.hCustomizable and memory-efficient Design by Contract (DbC) for embedded systems
 qep.hppQEP/C++ platform-independent public interface
 qequeue.hppPlatform-independent fast "raw" thread-safe event queue interface
 qf.hppQF/C++ platform-independent public interface
 qf_pkg.hppInternal (package scope) QF/C++ interface
 qk.hppQK/C++ platform-independent public interface
 qmpool.hppPlatform-independent memory pool QP::QMPool interface
 qpcpp.hppQP/C++ public interface including backwards-compatibility layer
 qs.hppQS/C++ platform-independent public interface
 qs_pkg.hppInternal (package scope) QS/C++ interface
 include/qstamp.cppApplication build time-stamp
 qstamp.hppApplication build time-stamp interface
 qv.hppQV/C++ platform-independent public interface
 qxk.hppQXK/C++ preemptive extended (blocking) kernel, platform-independent public interface
 options.lntPC-Lint-Plus option file for linting QP/C++ source code
 qpcpp.lntPC-Lint-Plus option file for linting QP/C++ Applications
 std.lntPC-Lint-Plus standard option file
  srcPlatform-independent QP™/C++ source code
  qfPlatform-independent implementation of the QEP and QF components
 qep_hsm.cppQP::QHsm implementation
 qep_msm.cppQP::QMsm implementation
 qf_actq.cppQP::QActive native queue operations (based on QP::QEQueue)
 qf_defer.cppQActive::defer(), QActive::recall(), and QActive::flushDeferred() definitions
 qf_dyn.cppQF/C++ dynamic event management
 qf_mem.cppQF/C++ memory management services
 qf_ps.cppQF/C++ Publish-Subscribe services definitions
 qf_qact.cppQP::QActive services and QF support code
 qf_qeq.cppQP::QEQueue implementation
 qf_qmact.cppQMActive::QMActive() and virtual functions
 qf_time.cppQF/C++ time events and time management services
  qkPlatform-independent implementation of the Preemptive Run-to-Completion Kernel built-in kernel
 qk.cppQK/C++ preemptive kernel core functions
  qsPlatform-independent implementation of the qs component (software tracing)
 qs.cppQS software tracing services
 qs_64bit.cppQS long-long (64-bit) output
 qs_fp.cppQS floating point output implementation
 qs_rx.cppQS receive channel services
 src/qs/qstamp.cppApplication build time-stamp
 qutest.cppQUTest unit testing harness + QF/++ stub for QUTest
  qvPlatform-independent implementation of the Cooperative Run-to-Completion Kernel built-in kernel
 qv.cppCooperative QV kernel implementation
  qxkPlatform-independent implementation of the Preemptive Dual-Mode Kernel built-in kernel
 qxk.cppQXK/C++ preemptive kernel core functions public interface
 qxk_mutex.cppPriority-ceiling blocking mutex QP::QXMutex class definition
 qxk_sema.cppQXK/C++ preemptive kernel counting semaphore implementation
 qxk_xthr.cppQXK/C++ preemptive kernel extended (blocking) thread implementation
 config.hppVarious macros for configuring and porting QP/C++