QP/C++  6.6.0
QXK Class Reference

QXK services. More...

#include <qxk.hpp>

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Static Public Member Functions

static QSchedStatus schedLock (uint_fast8_t const ceiling)
 QXK selective scheduler lock. More...
static void schedUnlock (QSchedStatus const stat)
 QXK selective scheduler unlock. More...
static void onIdle (void)
 QXK idle callback (customized in BSPs for QXK) More...
static const char_tgetVersion (void)
 get the current QXK version number string of the form X.Y.Z More...

Detailed Description

QXK services.

This class groups together QXK services. It has only static members and should not be instantiated.
The QXK initialization and the QXK scheduler belong conceptually to the QXK class (as static class members). However, to avoid C++ potential name-mangling problems in assembly language, these elements are defined outside of the QXK class and outside the QP namespace with the extern "C" linkage specification.

Definition at line 155 of file qxk.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ schedLock()

static QSchedStatus schedLock ( uint_fast8_t const  ceiling)

QXK selective scheduler lock.

◆ schedUnlock()

static void schedUnlock ( QSchedStatus const  stat)

QXK selective scheduler unlock.

◆ onIdle()

static void onIdle ( void  )

QXK idle callback (customized in BSPs for QXK)

QP::QXK::onIdle() is called continously by the QXK idle loop. This callback gives the application an opportunity to enter a power-saving CPU mode, or perform some other idle processing.
QP::QXK::onIdle() is invoked with interrupts enabled and must also return with interrupts enabled.
See also

◆ getVersion()

static const char_t* getVersion ( void  )

get the current QXK version number string of the form X.Y.Z

Definition at line 176 of file qxk.hpp.

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