QP/C  7.3.3
Real-Time Embedded Framework
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QK_Attr Class Reference

Private attributes of the QK kernel. More...

#include "qk.h"

Public Attributes

QPSet readySet
uint_fast8_t actPrio
uint_fast8_t nextPrio
uint_fast8_t actThre
uint_fast8_t lockCeil
uint_fast8_t intNest
QPSet readySet_dis
uint_fast8_t actPrio_dis
uint_fast8_t nextPrio_dis
uint_fast8_t actThre_dis
uint_fast8_t lockCeil_dis

Detailed Description

Private attributes of the QK kernel.

Definition at line 67 of file qk.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ readySet


Set of active-objects/threads that are ready to run in the QK kernel

Definition at line 71 of file qk.h.

◆ actPrio


Priority of the currently active AO

Definition at line 74 of file qk.h.

◆ nextPrio


Next AO priority scheduled by QK

Definition at line 77 of file qk.h.

◆ actThre


Preemption threshold of the currently active AO

Definition at line 80 of file qk.h.

◆ lockCeil


Scheduler lock-ceiling (0 if scheduler unlocked)

Definition at line 83 of file qk.h.

◆ intNest


Up-down counter indicating current interrupt nesting (used in some QK ports)

Definition at line 86 of file qk.h.

◆ readySet_dis


Duplicate inverse storage to mirror the QK readySet

Definition at line 90 of file qk.h.

◆ actPrio_dis

uint_fast8_t actPrio_dis

Definition at line 95 of file qk.h.

◆ nextPrio_dis

uint_fast8_t nextPrio_dis

Definition at line 100 of file qk.h.

◆ actThre_dis

uint_fast8_t actThre_dis

Definition at line 105 of file qk.h.

◆ lockCeil_dis

uint_fast8_t lockCeil_dis

Definition at line 110 of file qk.h.

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