QP/C  7.0.0
Real-Time Embedded Framework
qf_time.c File Reference

QF/C time events and time management services. More...

#include "qf_port.h"
#include "qf_pkg.h"
#include "qassert.h"
#include "qs_port.h"
#include "qs_pkg.h"

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#define QACTIVE_CAST_(ptr_)   ((QActive *)(ptr_))

Detailed Description

Last updated on: 2021-12-23
Last updated for: Version 7.0.0, 2022-04-30

Definition in file qf_time.c.

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#define QACTIVE_CAST_ (   ptr_)    ((QActive *)(ptr_))

intertnal macro to encapsulate a MISRA deviation

This internal macro encapsulates the violation of MISRA-C 2012 Rule 11.5(A) "A conversion should not be performed from pointer to void into pointer to object".

Definition at line 56 of file qf_time.c.