QP/C  6.5.1

Software Tracing Instrumentation. More...

Collaboration diagram for QS:


file  qpc.h
 QP/C public interface including backwards-compatibility layer.
file  qs.h
 QS/C platform-independent public interface.
file  qs.c
 QS software tracing services.
file  qs_64bit.c
 QS long-long (64-bit) output.
file  qs_fp.c
 QS floating point output implementation.
file  qs_rx.c
 QS/C receive channel services.
file  qutest.c
 QF/C stub for QUTEST unit testing.
file  qs_pkg.h
 Internal (package scope) QS/C interface.
file  qs_port.h
 QS/C port to a 32-bit CPU and a generic C compiler.
file  qxk/qs_port.h
 QS/C port to a 32-bit CPU and a generic C compiler.

Detailed Description

Software Tracing Instrumentation.

QS is software tracing system that enables developers to monitor live QP applications with minimal target system resources and without stopping or significantly slowing down the code. QS is an ideal tool for testing, troubleshooting, and optimizing QP applications. QS can even be used to support acceptance testing in product manufacturing. Please see QS Manual inside the QTools collection for more information.