QP/C  7.2.2
Real-Time Embedded Framework
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emWin Embedded GUI

The Application Note "QP and emWin Embedded GUI" describes how to use QP™ with the emWin™ Embedded GUI from SEGGER and also µC/GUI from Micrium, which technically are the same products.

QP-emWin demo (DPP) running on Windows

To demonstrate the working examples, this Application Note uses the emWin Simulation on Windows, which is available for a free download from the SEGGER (requires registration). You need only a Windows-based PC to execute the examples provided in this Application Note. Additionally, you'd need Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (could be the free Express Edition) or higher to re-build and debug the provided examples.

Although the QP-emWin (µC/GUI) integration runs on Windows, the application-level code uses exclusively the embedded emWin™ API and is designed to run without any modifications on embedded targets.