QP/C 6.9.0
src Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for src:


directory  qf
directory  qk
directory  qs
directory  qv
directory  qxk


file  qf_pkg.h [code]
 Internal (package scope) QF/C interface.
file  qs_pkg.h [code]
 Internal (package scope) QS/C interface.
file  qxk_pkg.h [code]
 Internal (package scope) QXK/C interface.

Detailed Description

Platform-independent QP/C source code

Files from this directory need to be added to the project, to build the QP/C framework from source code.

The QP/C src directory needs to be added to the compiler's include path in the applications that build QP/C framework from sources (as opposed to using QP as a pre-built library).