QP/C 6.9.0
qxk Directory Reference
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file  qxk.c [code]
 QXK preemptive dual-mode kernel core functions.
file  qxk_mutex.c [code]
 QXMutex_init(), QXMutex_lock(), QXMutex_tryLock() and QXMutex_unlock() definitions.
file  qxk_sema.c [code]
 QXK preemptive kernel semaphore functions.
file  qxk_xthr.c [code]
 QXK preemptive kernel extended (blocking) thread functions.

Detailed Description

Platform-independent implementation of the QXK built-in kernel.

Files in this directory need to be included in the QP application build only if the application uses the QXK kernel.