QP/C  7.0.1
Real-Time Embedded Framework
qf Directory Reference


file  qep_hsm.c [code]
 QHsm implementation
file  qep_msm.c [code]
 QMsm implementation
file  qf_act.c [code]
 QActive services and qf support code
file  qf_actq.c [code]
 QActive native queue operations (based on QEQueue)
file  qf_defer.c [code]
 QActive_defer() and QActive_recall() implementation.
file  qf_dyn.c [code]
 QF/C dynamic event management.
file  qf_mem.c [code]
 QMPool implementatin (Memory Pool)
file  qf_ps.c [code]
 Publish-Subscribe services.
file  qf_qact.c [code]
 QActive_ctor() definition.
file  qf_qeq.c [code]
 QEQueue implementation (QP native thread-safe queue)
file  qf_qmact.c [code]
 QMActive_ctor() definition.
file  qf_time.c [code]
 QF/C time events and time management services.

Detailed Description

Platform-independent implementation of the qep and qf components.

Typically, files in this directory need to be added to the application build, but some QP ports might not need all the files in this directory. For example, a QP port to a 3rd-party RTOS kernel might be using a message queue of the RTOS instead of the native QP event queue, in which case the file qf_actq.c would not be needed and should be excluded from the build.