QP/C  7.2.2
Real-Time Embedded Framework
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Deprecated APIs

The following QP/C APIs are now deprecated:

Member char_t
plain 'char' is no longer forbidden in MISRA-C 2012
File include/qstamp.c
File include/qstamp.c is kept only for backwards compatibility. Instead, please use file src/qs/qstamp.c.
Member Q_ASSERT_COMPILE (expr_)
Use Q_ASSERT_STATIC() or better yet _Static_assert() instead.
Member Q_XTHREAD_CAST (handler_)
casting to QXThreadHandler instead use: the new signature of QXThreadHandler and don't cast
File qf_act.c
please stop using this file.
Member QF_psInit (QSubscrList *const subscrSto, enum_t const maxSignal)
Member QF_PUBLISH (e_, sender_)
superseded by QACTIVE_PUBLISH()
Member QF_TICK (sender_)
superseded by QTIMEEVT_TICK()
Member QF_TICK_X (tickRate_, sender_)
superseded by QTIMEEVT_TICK_X()
Member QMSM_DISPATCH (me_, e_)
call to the QMSM_DISPATCH() operation; instead use: QHSM_DISPATCH()
Member QMSM_INIT (me_, e_)
call to the QMSM_INIT() operation; instead use: QHSM_INIT()
Member QS_BEGIN (rec_, obj_)
begin of a user QS record, instead use QS_BEGIN_ID()
Member QS_FILTER_AO_OBJ (obj_)
enable the QS local filter for AO (active objects)
Member QS_FILTER_AP_OBJ (obj_)
local Filter for a generic application object obj_.
Member QS_FILTER_EQ_OBJ (obj_)
enable the QS local filter for EQ (event queue) object
Member QS_FILTER_MP_OBJ (obj_)
enable the QS local filter for MP (memory pool) object
Member QS_FILTER_OFF (rec_)
disable the QS global filter
Member QS_FILTER_ON (rec_)
enable the QS global filter
Member QS_FILTER_SM_OBJ (obj_)
enable the QS local filter for SM (state machine) object
Member QS_FILTER_TE_OBJ (obj_)
enable the QS local filter for TE (time event) object
Member QS_tx::locFilter_AP
old local QS filter
Member QS_U32_HEX (width_, data_)
Output formatted uint32_t to the QS record