QP/C  7.2.2
Real-Time Embedded Framework
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config.h File Reference

Various macros for configuring QP/C (typically used as command-line options) More...

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#define Q_NASSERT
#define Q_SPY
#define Q_UTEST
#define Q_EVT_CTOR

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#define Q_NASSERT

The preprocessor switch to disable checking assertions

When defined, Q_NASSERT disables the following macros Q_ASSERT, Q_REQUIRE, Q_ENSURE, Q_INVARIANT, Q_ERROR as well as Q_ASSERT_ID, Q_REQUIRE_ID, Q_ENSURE_ID, Q_INVARIANT_ID, and Q_ERROR_ID do not evaluate the test condition passed as the argument to these macros.
The notable exceptions are the macros Q_ALLEGE and Q_ALLEGE_ID, that still evaluate the test condition, but do not report assertion failures when the switch Q_NASSERT is defined.

Definition at line 20 of file config.h.



Enable the QActive_stop() API in the QF port.

Defining this macro enables the QActive_stop() API in a given port. This feature should be used with caution, as stopping and re-starting active objects cleanly can be tricky.

Definition at line 29 of file config.h.


#define Q_SPY

The preprocessor switch to activate the QS software tracing instrumentation in the code

When defined, Q_SPY activates the QS software tracing instrumentation. When Q_SPY is not defined, the QS instrumentation in the code does not generate any code.

Definition at line 39 of file config.h.


#define Q_UTEST

The preprocessor switch to activate the QUTest unit testing instrumentation in the code

This macro requires that Q_SPY be defined as well.

Definition at line 47 of file config.h.


#define Q_EVT_CTOR

The preprocessor switch to enable constructor in the QEvt class instrumentation in the code


Definition at line 55 of file config.h.



This macro enables calling the context-switch callback QF_onContextSw() in all build-in kernels (QV, QK, QXK)

Definition at line 60 of file config.h.