QP 7.0.0 Milestone Release

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QP version 7.0.0
Table of Contents
New QP 7.0.0 milestone release has just been made available for download. The QP-bundle contains the following software:

Functional Safety Support

The major focus of this release is the adaptation of the QP code and documentation to better support functional safety certification of QP-based applications (see QP Certification Pack).

The QP™/C and QP™/C++ real-time embedded frameworks are already in widespread use in safety-critical systems, such as: medical, defense, transportation, and industrial applications. This is because the QP™ frameworks directly support recommended practices including: software modeling, automatic code generation, state machines, software tracing, and unit testing.

The QP Certification Pack is designed to help companies in their certification to various functional safety standards, such as: IEC-61508, IEC-62304, IEC-60601, DO-178B, ED-12B, DO-278, FDA510(k), ISO-14971, UL-1998, etc. The QP Certification Pack that consists of the following documents:


The QP 7.0.0 milestone release introduces a comprehensive Traceability System, which links all major work artifacts in the whole project.

The most important feature of the Traceability System is its tight integration with the source code, which enables teams to perform, among others, a true impact analysis to identify the potential consequences of a change of a given artifact. For example, it is possible to easily see all code elements impacted by changing a given requirement, architecture artifact, or design item.

NOTE: The Traceability System offered in QP is extensible and it is highly recommended that the QP Applications adopt it as well.

Other Changes