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Diagram Toolbox

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The Diagram Toolbox is a special toolbar containing a collection of tools for adding new shapes to the active diagram. The Diagram Toolbox is typically docked along the right edge of the QM™ main window, but it can be docked at any location allowed for a toolbar. You can also float the Diagram Toolbox. The Diagram Toolbox can be shown or hidden by means of the View->Draw Toolbox menu or the View Toolbar :

Showing/Hiding the Diagram Toolbox

The Diagram Toolbox is enabled only when a state diagram is the active MDI window and the model is unlocked (). If the Toolbox is invisible, you need to show it within the View->Draw Toolbar menu.
Diagram Toolbox for a State Diagram (left) and when no diagram is active (right)

The diagram-specific tools displayed in the Diagram Toolbox depend on the active diagram type. Currently, QM™ supports only state diagrams, so you will see only the state diagram tools in the Diagram Toolbox, but other sets of tools for diagrams of different types can be supported in the future.

The Select Tool

Regardless of the diagram type, the Diagram Toolbox always displays the Select Tool at the top, which is the default tool. The Select Tool allows you to select shapes and manipulate them (move and resize). The Select Tool also allows panning the diagram as well as selecting groups of shapes with the lasso. The Select Tool automatically becomes the current tool after you apply any other tool from the Toolbox.

Using the Tools

The diagram-specific tools are used as follows:

  • First, you select the tool from the Diagram Toolbox by clicking on it. Note that you do not drag a tool to the diagram. You simply click on the tool and release the mouse button. At this point, the tool appears "selected" (it looks like a depressed button).
  • Next, you move the cursor to the active diagram. As you hover the cursor over the diagram, the cursor changes, informing you where in the diagram it is legal to add the new shape. The cursor has a forbidden annotation if this particular shape is not allowed at a given spot.
  • Finally, when you hover over a diagram area where it is allowed to add a specific shape, you click the mouse and start dragging the shape. What happens next depends on the type of the shape. For example, if it is a node (such as a state), you can drag the bottom-right corner of the shape to make it a desired size. If it is a connector (such as a transition), you can drag the other end of the shape to connect it to the desired node.
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