QM  4.5.1
Multiple Document Interface

The Multiple Document Interface (MDI) area in the center of the QM™ user interface shows diagrams and files (file templates). The MDI area can be setup to operate in two view modes Subwindows and Tabs. In both modes you can also choose to view the windows-tabs along the top of the MDI area by selecting the Window->Show Tabs menu

The QM™ application saves the most recently used MDI view mode as well as the exact arrangement of the windows in the MDI area, and will restore it next time the application is run.

Subwindows View

The Subwindows mode is activated with the Window->Show Subwindows menu. In this mode you can view and resize individual subwindows. You can also tile and cascade the subwindows. The Subwindows mode is ideal for comparing diagrams or files side-by-side.

Subwindows View

Tabs View

The Tabs mode is activated with the Window->Show Tabs menu. The Tabs view mode is good at avoiding clutter and maximizing the viewable area of the MDI window (no window title and window borders obscuring your view). The tabs allow quick and easy access to any open MDI window. However, you can see only one MDI window at a time, so it is not possible to compare MDI windows side-by-side.

Tabs View

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