QM  5.1.4
Model-Based Design Tool
Working with Dock Windows

Every dock window has its own title bar, even when it is docked. You can move dock windows from one dock area to another by dragging the title bar. You can dock more than one dock window in a given dock area, in which case they will stack on top of each other and will be accessible via tabs. You can also dock windows side-by-side.

You can also detach a dock window or a toolbar from the dock area and let it float as an independent window by dragging the dock window or the toolbar outside any dock area.

Floating dock windows or toolbars are always "on top" of their main window. You can also hide a dock window by clicking the X button in the window's title bar.

Adjusting Dock Windows
The QM™ application saves the exact arrangement of the dock windows and toolbars in the MDI area, and will restore it next time the application is run. See the next section if you "lose" a dock window and want to show it again.

Showing/Hiding Docks & Toolbars

Any dock window can be shown or hidden by means of the View Toolbar or the View Menu. Additionally, the View menu also allows you to show or hide all toolbars and the status bar.

"View" toolbar
"View" menu