QM modeling tool for state machines

QM™ Model-Based Design Tool

QM™ (QP Modeler) is a freeware model-based design (MBD) and automatic code generation tool for designing software based on modern finite state machines (UML statecharts) and the QP™ Real-Time Embedded Frameworks. QM™ is available for Windows, Linux and macOS hosts. The QM™ modeling tool is offered under a simple click-through EULA license.
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The QM™ Model-Based Design tool runs on Windows, Linux and macOS. However, we recommend Windows, because we use it as the main platform for development and testing of our host-based tools.

QM Video Tutorial

QM™ Highlights

Simplicity &
"Low Ceremony"

Compared to most other "high ceremony" modeling tools on the market, QM™ is much simpler and code-centric.

You get 80% of the benefits for 20% of the complexity compared to other modeling tools.

Designed for Modern Finite State Machines

QM™ contains many accommodations to make designing the modern hierarchical state machines easier than other similar tools.

Production-Quality Code Generation

QM™ generates efficient, production-quality, MISRA-compliant, C or C++ code.

QM™ Screenshot Gallery