Quantum Leaps’ products form a comprehensive suite of modern embedded software and host-based tools wrapped around the open-source QP™ Real-Time Embedded Frameworks (RTEFs). This unique software ecosystem provides the architectural reuse and enforcement of the best practices of concurrent programming, which leads to safer code with high conceptual integrity and dramatic improvement of software quality.

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Quantum Leaps' Software Ecosystem

QP Real-Time Embedded Frameworks


Reusable, embedded software architecture
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QView Monitoring


Add a remote user interface to your embedded system.
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Dual Targeting

Dual Targeting

Develop embedded software on the desktop.
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QWin Prototyping


Prototyping embedded user interfaces on Windows
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Quantum Leaps products

QUTest Unit Testing


Unit testing harness for event-driven software
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QP/Spy Software Tracing


Software tracing for live monitoring and debugging
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QM Model-Based Design Tool

QM Tool

Visual modeling and code genearation
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Overview of QP™ / QM™

QP-QM Overview Presentation
Overview of QP/QM (slides)

Performance of QP™ Compared to Traditional RTOS

QP Performance
App Note: "QP Performance Tests and Results"
  • CPU cost of various operations
  • RAM / ROM footprints