Getting Started with QP™, QM™ and QTools™

In embedded systems nothing works until everything works. This means that you should always start with a working system and gradually evolve it.

Keeping this in mind, the fastest and most cost-effective way to get started with QP/QM/QTools quickly is to acquire one of the very inexpensive evaluation boards we support (e.g., EK-TM4C123GXL or EFM32-SLSTK3401A) and use it to run the provided example projects, before making any changes or trying to use your own target hardware.

Building and running the provided examples on a supported board with a supported development toolchain mitigates many risks for you and makes a lot of sense, even if the board is different than your ultimate target hardware. It allows you to build confidence in the QP/QM/QTools software, your toolchain installation, your debugger, etc. Only after convincing yourself that the example projects work "as is", you should think about gradually adapting the projects to your own specific needs.

Getting Started Video

Getting Started with QP Video

The "Getting Started with QP" video shows how to download, install, and start wit the QP real-time embedded frameworks and the accompanying suite of host-based tools.

The following list provides links to the specific times in the video, where the specific topics are discussed:

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