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State-Space is a blog by Quantum Leaps' Miro Samek published originally on The following table provides the links to all installments in chronological order starting from the most recent ones. Make sure not to miss the discussion following each installment, because it adds interesting perspectives and insights. Please feel free to participate by posting your own comments!

Post Title Published Keywords
Embedded Programming Video Course Teaches RTOS 2019/01/20 RTOS, Software Development, ARM Cortex-M
Embedded Toolbox: Source Code Whitespace Cleanup 2017/08/07 Programming tools, coding standards, productivity
Embedded Toolbox: Programmer’s Calculator 2017/06/27 Programming tools, productivity
Beyond the RTOS: A Better Way to Design Real-Time Embedded Software 2016/04/27 RTOS, multithreading, event-driven programming, frameworks
Fast, Deterministic, and Portable Counting Leading Zeros 2014/09/08 Algorithms, embedded programming
Are We Shooting Ourselves in the Foot with Stack Overflow? 2014/02/17 Bugs, best practices, MCUs
Cutting Through the Confusion with ARM Cortex-M Interrupt Priorities 2014/02/01 hardware, firmware, ARM Cortex-M, bugs
Dual Targeting and Agile Prototyping of Embedded Software on Windows 2013/04/12 software development, TDD, dual-targeting, productivity
Embedded C Programming with ARM Cortex-M Video Course 2013/01/21 embedded programming, learning
The Best Christmas Present for a Nerd 2012/12/05 Productivity, office
RTOS, TDD and the “O” in the S-O-L-I-D rules 2012/06/11 RTOS, TDD, anti-patterns
Superloop vs event-driven framework 2012/05/31 architecture, event-driven programming, state machines
ESD closes shop. What’s next in store for embedded programming? 2012/04/29 embedded programming, frameworks, RTOS
Economics 101: UML in Embedded Systems 2012/04/17 Tools, modeling, state machines, UML
Turning automatic code generation upside down 2012/02/14 Tools, state machines, modeling, UML
Online Embedded Software Store: a good idea? 2012/02/11 software licensing
What’s the state of your Cortex? 2011/09/26 embedded hardware, ARM Cortex-M, real-time kernels
On the Origin of Software by Means of Artificial Selection 2006/09/19 TDD, software development
Protothreads versus State Machines 2011/06/09 Protothreads, event-driven programming, state machines
Is an RTOS really the best way to design embedded systems? 2011/06/07 RTOS, software architecture, event-driven programming
Rapid Prototyping with QP and Arduino 2011/02/21 Arduino, event-driven programming, modeling
Linear statechart notation 2010/11/15 State machines, tools, UML
Free state machine tool for embedded systems 2010/11/06 Tools, state machines, modeling, UML, code generation
RTOS without blocking? 2010/04/19 RTOS, event-driven programming
I hate RTOSes 2010/04/12 RTOS, embedded architecture
Free store is not free lunch 2010/01/29 embedded programming, memory allocation
A Heap of Problems 2010/01/24 bugs, anti-patterns, embedded programming
A nail for a fuse 2009/11/27 Design by Contract, assertions, bugs
Cute Creator 2009/04/28 tools, dual-targeting, productivity
Insects of the computer world 2009/03/09 embedded hardware, efficient C/C++
RTOS Alternatives 2009/01/07 RTOS, multithreading
Make the most of side-by-side code differencing 2008/06/11 Coding standards, tools, productivity
Object-based programming in C 2008/01/21 OOP, C, design, UML
Is Eclipse The Emperor’s New Clothes? 2007/09/26 software tools, productivity
Embedded Software Crisis or Embedded Software Glut? 2007/06/23 code design, physical design
Agile Embedded Development 2006/09/24 agile development, testing, RTOS, DbC
What Embedded Programs have to do with Hollywood? 2006/09/19 event-driven, inversion of control