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With over 350 commercial licensees and many times more open source users worldwide, our modern real-time embedded frameworks are the most popular such offering on the market. Our software powers countless electronic products ranging from implantable medical devices to complex weapon systems.

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Our Commercial Licensees

Our modern embedded software has been commercially licensed worldwide by hundreds of companies large and small.

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Some of our Commercial Licensees

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What software engineers say about our products...

"Quantum Leaps software has revolutionized not just the way we write our software, but the way we approach our design. It is intuitive, easy to implement and comes in an incredibly small package."
Chad Koster
Software Engineer
Honeywell, Minnesota
"Simply put, designing software using the QP™ framework lets you code the way you think..."
Rich Wooley
Software Engineer
Nipro Diabetes Systems
MOOG Fernau logo
"The software team here at Moog Fernau have all found your platform to be simply outstanding to work with, and we look forward to future projects where we can call on the raw power, strong reliability and high efficiency of the QP™ framework and its accompanying tools to aid us in our designs. There is nothing out there that we know of that lets us translate what we see in our heads so directly into code on the screen."
Software Team
Moog Fernau, UK
General Dynamics logo
"Without using QP™ I don't believe we could have delivered on our given schedule dates with the same level of quality."
Jeff Karau
Software Engineer
General Dynamics C4 Systems
I used the traditional RTOS approach for about 10 years. With the real-time debug log of QP/Spy™ and the ability to see what is going on in the logic flow, the code is very easy to debug and modify. It makes the code very modular and deterministic... You end up talking about the codes logic flow, and not the semantics of the software. QP™ is a great product."
Paul Walker
Software Engineer
EIM Controls, Inc.
"I recently rewrote a major piece of code to utilize the QP™ framework and it has worked wonders. My previous code used a more traditional state machine and had quickly evolved into spaghetti code. The hierarchical state machine approach made the new code smaller, more robust, and much easier to maintain and extend."
Bob Bradley
Apple Computer, Inc.

Markets We Serve

Our QP™ real-time embedded frameworks, the QM™ modeling tool and our unique QTools™ collection address high-reliability applications across a wide variety of markets, such as medical, consumer, IoT, defense, robotics, industrial, communication, transportation, semiconductor IP, and many others. In each of these application areas, our elegant software and modern design philosophy have distinct advantages.