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Application Notes

Application Notes authored at Quantum Leaps, sorted by category:

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----------------------------------------------- Coding Standards -----------------------------------------------

Quantum Leaps Coding Standard

QP/C MISRA-C:2004 Compliance Matrix

QP/C++ MISRA-C++:2008 Compliance Matrix

QP-nano MISRA-C:2004 Compliance Matrix
----------------------------------------------- QP™ Ports (Built-in Kernels) -----------------------------------------------

QP Ports to ARM Cortex-M

Setting ARM Cortex-M Priorities in QP 5.x

QP and ARM Cortex-R

QP and ARM7/ARM9
----------------------------------------------- QP™ Ports (3rd-Party RTOS) -----------------------------------------------

QP™ and SEGGER embOS

QP™ and ThreadX

QP and uC/OS-II
----------------------------------------------- QP™ Ports (General-Purpose OSes) -----------------------------------------------

QP™ and POSIX (Linux)

QP™ and Windows

QP and Qt Framework
----------------------------------------------- QP™ Ports (3rd-Party Middleware) -----------------------------------------------

QP™ and lwIP (TCP/IP Stack)

"lwIP TCP/IP stack and QP framework" (6:24)

QP™ and emWin Embedded GUI
----------------------------------------------- QP™ Performance Tests and Results -----------------------------------------------

QP/C++ Performance Tests and Results
----------------------------------------------- Programming Techniques -----------------------------------------------

Object-Oriented Programming in C
Companion Code for OOP in C

Inheriting State Machines with QP 4.x
Code for QP/C

Code for QP/C++
----------------------------------------------- Prototyping / Dual Targeting -----------------------------------------------

QWIN GUI Kit for Prototyping Embedded Systems on Windows

Video "Fly 'n' Shoot" game on Windows" made with the QWIN GUI Kit (1:18)
----------------------------------------------- Example Applications -----------------------------------------------

Dining Philosophers Problem (DPP)

"Fly 'n' Shoot" Game (Chapter 1 of PSiCC2 book)

PEdestrian LIght CONtrolled (PELICAN) crossing
----------------------------------------------- State-Machine Design Patterns -----------------------------------------------

Ultimate Hook


Deferred Event

Orthogonal Component

Transition to History

State-Local Storage


Relevant and recommended articles written by various authors, sorted by category:

The provided web-links to the original articles tend to be volatile, as the publishers of the articles constantly re-arrange their websites, which is obviously out of our control.

Title / PDFAuthorWeb LinkAccompanying Downloads
----------------------------------------------- Active Objects (Actors) -----------------------------------------------

Beyond the RTOS
Miro Samek Slideshare, April 2016

Active Object Computing Model
Miro Samek

Quantum Programming for Embedded Systems
Miro Samek CUJ, March 2003

Managing Concurrency in Complex Embedded Systems
Dr. David M. Cummings Paper, June 2010

Sharing Is the Root of All Contention
Herb Sutter DDJ, February 2009

Use Threads Correctly = Isolation + Asynchronous Messages
Herb Sutter DDJ, March 2009

Know When to Use an Active Object Instead of a Mutex
Herb Sutter DDJ, September 2010
Message Passing for Intertask CommunicationDr. David Kalinsky Kalinsky & Associates 2010
New Directions in RTOS KernelsDr. David Kalinsky Kalinsky & Associates 2014
Parallel Microsoft StyleAndrew Binstock DDJ, July 2011
The Actor Model: Towards Better ConcurrencyDror Bereznitsky Slideshare, January 2010
----------------------------------------------- Hierarchical State Machines (UML Statecharts) / Modeling -----------------------------------------------
A crash course in UML state machinesMiro Samek 2009
The Pragmatics of Model-Driven DevelopmentBran Selic IEEE Computer Society 2003
State Oriented ProgrammingMiro Samek,
Paul Y. Montgomery
ESP 2000 GitHub repo
UML Statecharts at $10.99Miro Samek DDJ 2006 Code for the Article
Auto-coding UML Statecharts for Flight SoftwareEd Benowitz, IEEE Computer Society 2006
Yet Another Hierarchical State MachineStefan Heinzmann ACCU Overload 64 2004
Statecharts in the Making: A Personal AccountProf. David Harel Communications of the ACM 2010
Statecharts: A Visual Formalism for Complex SystemsProf. David Harel Science of Computer Programming 1987
----------------------------------------------- Event-Driven & Real-Time Programming -----------------------------------------------
Build a Super Simple TaskerMiro Samek,
Robert Ward
ESD 2006 GitHub repo
Use an MCU's Low-Power Modes in Foreground/Background SystemsMiro Samek ESD 2007

Building Bare-Metal ARM7/ARM9 Systems With GNU
Miro Samek 2007 Code (C)

Code (C++)
----------------------------------------------- "The Embedded Angle" Column (C/C++ Users Journal) -----------------------------------------------
The Embedded MindsetMiro Samek CUJ, February 2003 Code
Who Moved My State?Miro Samek CUJ, April 2003
Dèjà VuMiro Samek CUJ, June 2003PELICAN crossing example is included in QP/C++
An Exception or a Bug?Miro Samek CUJ, August 2003
Patterns of ThinkingMiro Samek CUJ, October 2003
Back to BasicsMiro Samek CUJ, December 2003