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About the QP Development Kit (QDK) for µC/OS-II

To focus the discussion and provide executable code, the QP ports to µC/OS-II have been done on the 80x86 running 16-bit DOS (the same platform used in the original MicroC/OS-II book). However, the provided QP port has been carefully designed to use only the µC/OS-II API, which insulates QP from the CPU and compiler used. In other words, the provided code for the QP port to µC/OS-II can be taken "as is" and does not need to change when used with any other CPU type and compiler supported by µC/OS-II.

NOTE: The QP™ Development Kits (QDK™) for µC/OS-II are included in the QP™ Baseline Code and are described in the book "Practical UML Statecharts in C/C++, Second Edition".

LICENSING: The QDKs™ are licensed the same way as the QP™ frameworks.
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QP™ Development Kits (QDKs) for uC/OS-II

QDK™ Board QP™ Version Compiler Manual Download
QDK-C/uCOS-II DOS Console QP/C 5.1.1 Open Watcom PSiCC2 QP/C Baseline
QDK-C++/uC/OS-II DOS Console QP/C++ 5.1.1 Open Watcom PSiCC2 QP/C++ Baseline

Last updated: November 08, 2013