Jeff Karau

Without using QP, I don't believe we could have delivered on our given schedule dates with the same level of quality."

Jeff Karau, Sr. Software Engineer, General Dynamics C4 Systems

Henrik Bohre

...After trying out a couple of CASE tools we came to the conclusion that expensive round-trip-engineering UML tools were cumbersome and did not fit our way of working. However, the innovative QP way to map UML state machines to C/C++ code was exactly what we were looking for..."

Henrik Bohre, Embedded Systems Consultant, GotCom AB, Göteborg, Sweden


I'm speaking from first-hand experience when I say this is really good stuff. I just hope others will recognize that and we can get past the old main+ISR vs. RTOS dilemma for a large variety of applications."

Michael Barr, President Netrino and former editor-in-chief of the ESP magazine

Haitham Hindi

Practical Statecharts in C/C++ has been an indispensible reference for my embedded systems work. The clear and succinct conceptual and software framework, along with the immediately usable code enabled us to get a working prototype of our control system in a few weeks."

Dr. Haitham Hindi, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

Paul Montgomery

...QP has been adopted accross the company and is used in all our products on a variety of OS platforms..."

Dr. Paul Montgomery, Director of Engineering, Novariant, Fremont CA

Stratos Product Development

We're glad to keep giving Quantum Leaps our business. QP has been really valuable for us—we've had a great experience working with Quantum Leaps frameworks and tools. It's been a big help in terms of delivering high-quality software within our clients' budgets, so thank you!"

Jason Machacek, Software Engineer, Stratos Product Development LLC, Seattle WA

EIM Controls, Inc.

I used the traditional RTOS approach for about 10 years. With the real-time debug log of QSPY and the ability to see what is going on in the logic flow, the code is very easy to debug and modify. It makes the code very modular and deterministic... You end up talking about the codes logic flow, and not the semantics of the software. QP is a great product."

Paul Walker, Software Engineer, EIM Controls, Inc.

Apple Computer, Inc.

I recently rewrote a major piece of code to utilise the QP framework and it has worked wonders. My previous code used a more traditional state machine and had quickly evolved into spaghetti code. The hierarchical state machine approach made the new code smaller, more robust, and much easier to maintain and extend."

Bob Bradley, Apple Computer, Inc., from review

Honeywell International

Quantum Leaps software has revolutionized not just the way we write our software, but the way we approach our design. It is intuitive, easy to implement and comes in an incredibly small package. If you're in the 8-bit world, you need this software!"

Chad Koster, Software Engineer, Honeywell

Rich Wooley

Simply put, designing sofware using the QP framework lets you code the way you think..."

Rich Wooley, Sofware Engineer, Nipro Diabetes Systems, Florida

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Quantum Leaps Consulting

Quantum Leaps offers in-depth embedded software design services. Our services extend well beyond how to use our software, and how to implement it in your design. Our consulting services range from providing cost-effective reviews of your designs and code, through temporary membership in your embedded software team, to developing complete embedded real-time applications. Please send us e-mail to to discuss your needs.

We believe that modern programming paradigms are not something that can be imposed from the outside. A well-done QP™ application is maintainable only by programmers who understand how event-driven systems work and can be built only by managers who understand the needs of the process. Similarly, the expertise in the "problem domain" that is so essential to the success of any embedded project is often best supplied by company's existing employees, not by an outside consultant. Finally, you have no way to judge the quality of code created by an outside consultants unless you thoroughly understand both the new programming paradigms and the underlying implementation techniques.

Porting and Customizing QP™

Even though QP™ has been so far ported to 16 different CPU architectures and several different compilers as well as to many many popular operating systems and RTOSs, there is always need to port and customize QP™ in the endlessly diverse embedded systems marketplace. If your processor or operating system of choice is not currently supported, Quantum Leaps offers professional porting services that can save you time and money in getting to the stable starting point for your application. Don't spend your time on something that we can do better and faster, because we've already done it many times over. Please send us e-mail to to discuss porting QP™.

Last updated: October 17, 2013