QTools  6.4.0
About QTools™

What is it?

QTools™ is a collection of open source tools for embedded software development on desktop platforms, such as Windows, Linux and macOS. The QTools collection contains the following tools developed by Quantum Leaps:

QTools™ on Windows

The QTools Collection for Windows contains additionally the following open-source, third-party tools:

  • GNU-make for Windows (version 3.82)
  • GNU C/C++ toolchain for Windows (MinGW version 6.3.0)
  • GNU C/C++ toolchain for ARM Cortex-M and Cortex-R (GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain)
  • TCL/TK for Windows (version 8.4) with UDP sockets extension
  • ResEdit utility (version 1.6.6-x64)
  • AVRDUDE for Windows (version 6.1)

Additionally, QTools™ for Windows contains the following PC-Lint option files various compilers (in sub-directory lint):

  • co-gnu-arm.* (PC-Lint option files for GNU-ARM)
  • co-iar-arm.* (PC-Lint option files for IAR-ARM)

Licensing QTools™

Most tools included in the QTools™ collection are distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. The text of GPL version 2 is included in the file GPLv2.txt in the root directory of the QTools distribution.

The TCL/TK 8.4 package is distributed under the terms of the TCL LICENSE AGREEMENT, included in the file TCL_LICENSE.txt in the root directory of the QTools distribution.

Source Code

In compliance with GPL, this distribution contains the source code for the utilities contributed by Quantum Leaps in the <qtools>/source/ subdirectory, except for the QSPY source code, which is provided in the <qtools>/qspy/source/ directory. All tools with names starting with 'q' have been developed and are copyrighted by Quantum Leaps.

The MinGW C and C++ compilers for Windows

Have been taken from the MinGW project at:


The installer mingw-get-setup.exe has been used and after the installation, the files have been pruned to reduce the size of the distribution. Please refer to the MinGW project for the source code.

The GNU-ARM (NONE-EABI) compilers for Windows

Have been taken from:


The source code is available from the download page under "Source Invariant".

The GNU make executable for Windows

Has been taken from the MinGW project at:


The "GNU Make" manual (make.pdf) has been copied from the GNU make project at:


The file and diff utilities

Have been taken from the UnixUtils project at SourceForge.net:


The file and diff utilities source (source/fileutils-3.16-src.zip) has been taken from:


How to get help?

Please post any technical questions to the Free Support Forum hosted on SourceForge.net. Posts to this forum benefit the whole community and are typically answered the same day.

Direct Commercial Support is available to the commercial licensees. Every commercial license includes one year of Technical Support for the licensed software. The support term can be extended annually.

Training and consulting services are also available from Quantum Leaps. Please refer to the Support web-page for more information.


Copyright © 2005-2019 Quantum Leaps, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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