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Active Objects Meet Qt...

The QP/C++ active object framework allows you to build highly modular, well structured, multithreaded desktop, embedded, or mobile Qt5 applications with dazzling GUI based on the concept of active objects (a.k.a. actors).

QP/C++ complements Qt by providing the high-level structure, while Qt renders the GUI and provides various services. The active object computing model underlying QP raises the level of abstraction and provides a more productive architecture, which is safer to use, more efficient, and easier to understand than the programming with the low-level QThread and QWaitCondition classes of Qt, which are just thin wrappers around the POSIX-threads API.

The QP-Qt integration can be also useful for rapid prototyping (virtual prototyping), simulation, and testing of embedded software on the desktop, including building realistic user interfaces consisting of buttons, knobs, LEDs, dials, and LCD displays (including graphic displays and segment dispays). Moving embedded software development from an embedded target to the desktop eliminates the target system bottleneck and dramatically shortens the development time while improving the quality of the software.

All these options get especially attractive if you consider using the QM™ modeling tool for designing QP/Qt applications graphically and generating code automatically.

QP™ Development Kits (QDKs) for Qt

NOTE: This QP™ Development Kit (QDK™) contains only the QP/C++ port to Qt5 and examples, but does not contain the portable QP/C++™ Baseline Code. In other words, you need to download and install the QP/C++™ Baseline Code, before you install the QDK-C++/Qt.

LICENSING: The QDK-C++/Qt are licensed the same way as the QP/C++™ framework.
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QDK™ QP™ Version IDE/Compiler Application Note Download
QDK-C++/Qt QP/C++ 5.3.0
Qt Creator (MinGW)
Visual C++ 2010+
QP/C++ and Qt (2.6MB PDF)

Prototype Demo

The following animation shows a prototype of an embedded front panel preapared with the Qt Creator and Qt Designer for graphical GUI design. The complete source code and documentation are included in the QDK-C++/Qt. The Qt prototype runs exactly the same "Fly 'n' Shoot" game code that the embedded ARM Cortex-M3 EK-LM3S811 board.

Qt Front Panel Demo
Embeded GUI

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Last updated: April 22, 2014