QP-nano  6.5.1
include Directory Reference

Platform-independent QP-nano API.


Directory dependency graph for include:


file  au-ds.lnt [code]
file  au-misra2.lnt [code]
file  qassert.h [code]
 Customizable and memory-efficient assertions for embedded systems.
file  qepn.h [code]
 Public QEP-nano interface.
file  qfn.h [code]
 Public QF-nano interface.
file  qkn.h [code]
 Public QK-nano interface.
file  qpn.h [code]
 QP-nano public interface including backwards-compatibility layer.
file  qpn.lnt [code]
 PC-Lint 9.x option file for linting QP-nano applications.
file  qstamp.c [code]
 Application build time-stamp.
file  qvn.h [code]
 Public QV-nano interface.
file  std.lnt [code]
 PC-Lint 9.x standard option file.

Detailed Description

Platform-independent QP-nano API.

The QP-nano include directory needs to be added to the compiler's include path in the applications using QP-nano.