QP/C  6.9.3
Real-Time Embedded Framework

Active Object (Actor) Framework. More...

Collaboration diagram for QF:


file  qequeue.h
 QP natvie, platform-independent, thread-safe event queue interface.
file  qf.h
 QF/C platform-independent public interface.
file  qmpool.h
 QP native, platform-independent memory pool QMPool interface.
file  qpc.h
 QP/C public interface including backwards-compatibility layer.
file  qpset.h
 QP native, platform-independent priority sets of 32 or 64 elements.
file  qf_act.c
 QActive services and QF support code
file  qf_actq.c
 QActive native queue operations (based on QEQueue)
file  qf_defer.c
 QActive_defer() and QActive_recall() implementation.
file  qf_dyn.c
 QF/C dynamic event management.
file  qf_mem.c
 QMPool implementatin (Memory Pool)
file  qf_ps.c
 Publish-Subscribe services.
file  qf_qact.c
 QActive_ctor() definition.
file  qf_qeq.c
 QEQueue implementation (QP native thread-safe queue)
file  qf_qmact.c
 QMActive_ctor() definition.
file  qf_time.c
 QTimeEvt implementation and QF system clock tick QF_tickX_())
file  qf_pkg.h
 Internal (package scope) QF/C interface.

Detailed Description

Active Object (Actor) Framework.

QF is a portable, event-driven, real-time framework for execution of active objects (concurrent state machines) specifically designed for real-time embedded (RTE) systems.