QP/C  6.3.2
Win32 API (Windows)

The examples/win32 folder contains all examples described in the book Practical UML Statecharts in C/C++, 2nd Edition. These examples include:

  • blinky Simple "Blinky" for Windows (command line)
  • calc Calculator example from Chapter 2 of PSiCC2
  • comp Orthogonal Component design pattern
  • comp_qm Orthogonal Component with QM model design pattern
  • defer Deferred Event design pattern
  • dpp DPP (command-line)
  • dpp-gui DPP (with GUI on Windows)
  • game-gui "Fly 'n' Shoot" game from Chapter 1 of PSiCC2
  • history_qhsm Transition-to-History (with QHsm class)
  • history_qmsm Transition-to-History (with QMsm class)
  • qmsmtst Test State Machine based on QMsm with QM model
  • qhsmtst Test State Machine based on QHsm with QM model
  • reminder Reminder design pattern from Chapter 5 of PSiCC2
  • reminder Reminder design pattern different version
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