QP/C  5.8.2
source Directory Reference

Platform-independent QP/C implementation.



file  qep_hsm.c [code]
 QHsm implementation.
file  qep_msm.c [code]
 QMsm implementation.
file  qf_act.c [code]
 QActive services and QF support code.
file  qf_actq.c [code]
 QActive native queue operations (based on QEQueue)
file  qf_defer.c [code]
 QActive_defer() and QActive_recall() implementation.
file  qf_dyn.c [code]
 Dynamic event management.
file  qf_mem.c [code]
 Memory management services.
file  qf_pkg.h [code]
 Internal (package scope) QF/C interface.
file  qf_ps.c [code]
 Publish-Subscribe services.
file  qf_qact.c [code]
 QActive_ctor() definition.
file  qf_qeq.c [code]
 QEQueue implementation.
file  qf_qmact.c [code]
 QMActive_ctor() definition.
file  qf_time.c [code]
 QF time events and time management services.
file  qk.c [code]
 QK preemptive kernel core functions.
file  qk_mutex.c [code]
 QMutex_init(), QMutex_lock and QMutex_unlock() definitions.
file  qs.c [code]
 QS software tracing services.
file  qs_64bit.c [code]
 QS long-long (64-bit) output.
file  qs_fp.c [code]
 QS floating point output implementation.
file  qs_pkg.h [code]
 Internal (package scope) QS/C interface.
file  qs_rx.c [code]
 QS/C receive channel services.
file  qv.c [code]
 Cooperative QV kernel, definition of QP::QV_readySet_ and implementation of kernel-specific functions.
file  qxk.c [code]
 QXK preemptive dual-mode kernel core functions.
file  qxk_mutex.c [code]
 QXMutex_init(), QXMutex_lock and QXMutex_unlock() definitions.
file  qxk_pkg.h [code]
 Internal (package scope) QXK/C interface.
file  qxk_sema.c [code]
 QXK preemptive kernel semaphore functions.
file  qxk_xthr.c [code]
 QXK preemptive kernel extended (blocking) thread functions.

Detailed Description

Platform-independent QP/C implementation.

Files from this directory need to be added to the project, to build the QP/C framework from source code.

Not all QP/C source files should be added to every project. For example, native QP/C ports to the preemptive QK kernel should not contain the file qv.c and conversely, QP/C ports to the cooperative QV kernel should not contain the files qk.c and qk_mutex.c.
The QP/C source directory needs to be added to the compiler's include path in the applications using QP/C, because QP/C is built from sources.