The Licensing Model

Quantum Leaps®, LLC uses the increasingly popular dual licensing business model, in which both the open source software distribution mechanism and traditional closed source software distribution models are combined.

NOTE: If your company has a policy forbidding open source in your product, all QP™ frameworks can be licensed commercially, in which case you don't use any open source license and you do not violate your policy.

Open Source Projects:

Open Source

If you are developing and distributing open source applications under the GNU General Public License (GPL), as published by the Free Software Foundation, then you are free to use the Quantum Leaps software under the GPL version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. Please note that GPL requires that all modifications to the original code as well as your application code (Derivative Works as defined in the Copyright Law) must also be released under the terms of the GPL open source license.

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Arduino GPLv3 Exception
Raspberry-Pi GPLv3 Exception

Closed Source Projects:

Closed Source

If you are developing and distributing traditional closed source applications, you can purchase one of Quantum Leaps commercial licenses, which are specifically designed for users interested in retaining the proprietary status of their code. All Quantum Leaps commercial licenses expressly supersede the GPL open source license. This means that when you license Quantum Leaps software under a commercial license, you specifically do not use the software under the open source license and therefore you are not subject to any of its terms. Commercial licensing options are described below.

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Commercial Licenses

QP inside

Quantum Leaps commercial licenses are designed for users, who cannot open their application code and therefore cannot use Quantum Leaps software under the terms of the GPL open source license.

Quantum Leaps offers the following commercial licensing options:

Commercial Technical Support

Every commercial license includes one year of technical support, which can be can be extended annually. The scope of the technical support includes:

  • Assistance with QP installation, usage and functionality;
  • Unlimited e-mail support and resolution of any problems found in QP;
  • Upgrading the licensed software to newer versions of that software;
  • Upgrading the license for the differentce in the license fees; and
  • E-mail notification of new releases, if elected by the Licensee.

Business Model: To minimize our support load and expenses, we are highly motivated to keep our software free of bugs, easy to use, and clearly documented with many examples. This is in contrast to many first-generation open-source vendors, where such strategy would actually lower their revenue and profit from support contracts.

The technical support service covers only QP versions that have been released within the past 4 years.

Software and License Upgrades

During the Support Term the Licensee can upgrade the licensed software to any newer version that Quantum Leaps might release before the end of the Support Term.

Also, as long as the Licensee maintains the active Support Term, the Licensee can upgrade the license to any broader license for the same QP framework type (e.g., Single Product license for QP/C to Product Line license for QP/C) for just the price difference between the two license types. In other words, during the active Support Term Licensee is entitled to a price discount equal to the total license fee of the narrower QP license for the same QP framework type. This discount offer pertains only to the regular ("Big Business") licenses and expires at the expiration of the Support Term.

After the expiration of the Support Term, the Licensee can no longer upgrade the software and is no longer eligible for the license upgrade discount, although the Licensee retains the right to use any version of the licensed software released within the expired Support Term.

Evaluating the Software

The open character of the QP/C™, QP/C++™, and QP-nano™ frameworks allows anybody to evaluate the software under the GPL open-source license. In this respect, evaluating dual-licensed software delivers a large advantage over the highly supervised trial licensing practices still so common in the embedded system marketplace. However, when you are past the evaluation stage and start developing a commercial QP application you need to purchase one of the QP commercial licenses.

Acquiring a commercial license early in the development process not only protects your closed-source software, but also gives you the Commercial Technical Support when you most need it. On the other hand, any form of distribution of the QP™ software without providing the full source code of the whole application represents a violation of the GPL and is illegal.
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When in Doubt...

If you are unsure about your use of our software, we recommend that you buy a royalty-free commercial license. That is the safest solution and is never wrong. Thanks to our cost-effective way of producing software, we are able to sell our commercial licenses at prices well under the industry average.

The best way to submit a licensing question is by means of our no-obligation License Request Form. We encourage you to refer to our Frequently Asked Questions section or an IP lawyer as appropriate. We recommend the commercial licensing option to all private-sector and government organizations, because only commercial licensing frees you from the broad and strict requirements of the GPL license.

To all open source enthusiasts we recommend our products under the GPL license. We believe that Quantum Leaps open source contribution brings unique benefits to the embedded software community.

Quantum Leaps Price List

NOTE: Quantum Leaps reserves the right to change the prices at any time and without notice. Please submit a no-obligation License Request form to recieve a binding price quote.

Commercial License Fees (US Dollars)
QP™ Framework Type Single Product License Product Line / CPU License Any Product License OEM License
Small Business1 Big Business Small Business1 Big Business Small Business1 Big Business
 QP/C $ 1,495.–2,3 $ 2,995.–3 $ 8,980.–2 $17,970.– $11,980.–2 $23,950.– ask for pricing
 QP/C++ $ 1,995.–2,3 $ 3,995.–3 $11,980.–2 $23,970.– $15,980.–2 $31,950.– ask for pricing
 QP-nano $ 795.–2,3 $ 1,495.–3 $ 4,480.–2 $ 8,970.– $ 5,980.–2 $11,950.– ask for pricing
1Small Business means a business that is privately owned and operated, with annual revenue not exceeding $1 million US dollars
2Small Business licenses are not eligible for the License Upgrade discount
3See volume discounts for multiple Single Product Licenses purchased with one License Agreement

Volume Discounts for Single Product Licenses
Number of Single Products 1 2 3 4 5 or more
  Volume Discount 0% 5% 10% 15% 20%
Example: Three (3) Single Product Licenses for QP/C. License fee before the volume discount: 3*$2,995 = $8,985. Volume discount for 3 Single Product Licenses = 10% * $8,985 = $898. Total price after the volume discount = $8,985 - $898 = $8,087.

Support and Upgrade Term Extension
Support Type First Year Subsequent Year
 Unlimited e-mail Support, free software upgrade, and a license upgrade option3 Included in the License Fee $1,000 + 10%
of the total License Fee
3Requires a valid commercial license

License Purchasing Procedure

The steps for obtaining a Quantum Leaps commercial license are as follows:

  1. A Customer fills out and submits the License Request Form.
  2. For one of our standard licenses, Quantum Leaps will reply via e-mail with the attached Licensing Agreement to be filled out and signed by the Licensee.
  3. For a Custom License, Quantum Leaps negotiates a custom-tailored Licensing Agreement and pricing.
  4. The Customer sends filled out and signed Licensing Agreement to Quantum Leaps by fax, or via regular mail.
  5. After receiving the signed Licensing Agreement Quantum Leaps issues an invoice to the customer.
  6. Upon receiving payment confirmation or a copy of a purchase order, Quantum Leaps signs the customer's copy of the Licensing Agreement, assigns a unique License Number, and sends the customer's copy back to the customer by fax as well as to the customer's postal address.

Commercial License Request Form

QP inside

Please fill out the information below, required fields are color-coded and marked with a *.

NOTE: This form is just a request for information and does not represent any obligation to purchase a license.
The information you provide will be handled with confidentiality.

License Request Form

 Small Business (total annual revenue below $1 million USD)
 Single Product/CPU License
 Product Line License
 Any Product License
 OEM License

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Last updated: August 18, 2014