The "Bytecrafting" Blog explores the native Java implementation of QP for Andoid.

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Active Objects Meet Android...

QP is an ideal platform for building highly modular, well structured, responsive, multithreaded Android applications based on the concept of active objects (a.k.a. Actors) and hierarchical state machines. Additinally, the free graphical QM modeling tool can be used to generate large parts of the code automatically.

Integrating QP with Android at the native code level (running outside the Android's Delvik Virtual Machine) is interesting for applications requiring efficiency and real-time, or near real-time performance, such as games. QP complements Android-NDK by providing the high-level structure, while OpenGL API renders the GUI. Also, the QP port to Android-NDK enables developers to build efficient, multithreaded Android applications at a much higher level than POSIX threads (Pthreads) and without fiddling directly with the troublesome low-level mechanisms such as POSIX mutexes, condition variables, etc.

QP™ Development Kits (QDKs) for Android-NDK

NOTE: This QP™ Development Kit (QDK™) contains only the Android port and examples, but does not contain the portable QP™ Baseline Code. In other words, you need to download and install the QP™ Baseline Code, before you install this QDK™.

LICENSING: The QDKs™ are licensed the same way as the QP™ frameworks.
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QDK™ Board QP™ Version Compiler Manual Download
QDK/C Android-NDK Android devices /
Android Emulator
QP/C 4.5.03 Android-NDK Manual (1.0MB) Download (2.4MB)

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Last updated: November 08, 2013