Quantum Leaps' Ecosystem

Over the years we have cultivated an ecosystem of partners that complement our products and services, always with the benefit of the embedded software developer in mind. We take pride in parntering with some of the most innovative and future-oriented companies in the embedded industry.

Training and Technology Partners

Barr Group

Barr Group (formerly Netrino) specializes in firmware process and architecture consulting and training. The company helps the makers of embedded software reduce bugs, complete firmware development on schedule, and increase product safety and reliability. Barr Group has been one of the earliest adopters of the lightweight QP™ state machine frameworks.

Embedded Tools Vendors

IAR Partner

IAR Systems provides development tools for embedded systems. The IAR product portfolio includes C/C++ compilers and debuggers for most popular 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers from many different chip manufacturers.

Quantum Leaps provides several QP™ Development Kits (QDKs) based on the IAR KickStart™ toolsets available for free download from the IAR website.

Sourcery CodeBench

Sourcery CodeBench (now product of Mentor Graphics) for ARM is a complete software development environment based on the GNU Toolchain for ARM and Eclipse. It is the leading choice of software engineers, operating system vendors, semiconductor companies, and device manufacturers.

Quantum Leaps provides several QP™ Development Kits (QDKs) and examples for ARM Cortex-M based on the Sourcery CodeBench Professional toolset.

Embedded Microcontrollers Vendors

ARM Connected Member

Quantum Leaps is a member of the ARM Connected Community with demonstrated expertise in programming ARM Cortex-M and ARM7/ARM9 processors. We offer QP Development Kits (QDKs) for the ARM Cortex-M0/M3 processors as well as the traditional ARM7/ARM9 processors (ARM/THUMB microcontrollers). We have also written some of the most popular articles about programming ARM-based microcontrollers.

TI Partner

Quantum Leaps offers QP Development Kits (QDKs) for the whole Texas Instruments portfolio of microcontroller families, ranging from the MSP430 family, through TMS320C28x and TMS320C55x families, to ARM Cortex-M3-based Stellaris family.

Renesas Partner

Quantum Leaps is a the Renesas Alliance Partner with demonstrated expertise in programming Renesas processors. We offer QP Development Kits (QDKs) for the RX family, the M16C/R8C/M32C family, as well as QDKs for the H8 family.

Last updated: March 31, 2012